Are You Ready For The Next Pandemic?

Now that the SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 pandemic is over (it’s not) are you ready for the next pandemic? Not if the current Healthcare Infection Control Practices Committee (HICPAC) of the Centers for Disease Control and Protection (CDC) has their way. As we felt our way blindly through the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic we rediscovered evidence … [Read more…]

COSHCON2023 Registration Now Open!

As we told you back in June it will soon be time for COSHCON2023! What is COSHCON you ask? It is the largest gathering of workplace health, safety and environmental trainers, advocates, academics, professionals and concerned workers in the nation. And COSHCON2023 is first time it will be in-person since the start of the SARS-CoV-2 … [Read more…]

Hazardous Materials Transportation and Your Community’s Safety

On Tuesday, September 12, 2023 WisCOSH trainer Jim Schultz will be presenting an overview of the D.O.T.‘s HAZMAT 1st Responder Awareness Level training that WisCOSH offers. The presentation will begin at 7pm CDT. This presentation is being given in cooperation with 350MKE which is a local group of concerned community environmental activists. The presentation is … [Read more…]

Rescheduled: Workers & COVID-19 Webinar

[Mensaje Bilingüe – Español Abajo] As you may know, because the original webinar platform malfunctioned precisely at the time that our Workers & COVID-19 Webinars were scheduled for, we sadly had to postpone both of them. We are sorry for any inconvenience this caused to you and your plans. On brighter news: We have a … [Read more…]

Infectious Disease Response Update!

With the recent outbreak of the Novel Corona Virus (which causes COVID-19) around the world workers will soon find themselves on the front lines of a potential pandemic. Will you know how it is transmitted? Will you know the proper means of identifying potential, probable and definate infected persons or items in your vicinity? Will … [Read more…]

Workplace Violence & Bullying Prevention: A Workshop

While WisCOSH is deeply saddened by the recent tragedy at the Miller Brewing facility in Milwaukee we are also extremely upset that given the continued and increasing incidence of workplace bullying, sexual assault and violence there remain so many major employers that are completely unprepared for such a situation. While OSHA has yet to issue … [Read more…]

WisCOSH Adds D.O.T. HazMat 1st Responder Trainings

  If you saw the following warning placards on vehicles at your workplace, or driving through your neighborhood, which one placard should you be most concerned about?        When Your Job Is Transporting Hazardous Materials Accidents Are An Issue Knowing OSHA and D.O.T. Regulations Can Save Lives WisCOSH is currently able to offer … [Read more…]

Big Rush For Teen Workers, Little Time For Health And Safety

WisCOSH has noticed a concerning trend over the last several years: creating pipelines for teen workers in their senior year to get them into technical schools quicker and out into the workforce. WisCOSH has no issue with teens working or getting more education, however, the plans put forth so far have shown little time spent … [Read more…]

WisCOSH Now Able To Provide Infectious Disease Response Training

Thanks to the continuing agreement between the National COSH and the International Chemical Workers Union Council‘s Center for Worker Health & Safety Education, in Cincinnati OH, WisCOSH has been able to once again increase the training it is able to offer. We can now train workers and employers about the necessity to have an infectious … [Read more…]

Basic OSH Rights & Responsibilities

This class is the cornerstone to understanding both the worker’s and the employer’s rights and responsibilities in the workplace. It covers what OSHA is and where it came from, what OSHA does and how to contact and use OSHA to ensure safe and healthy work and working conditions. This class also touches on several other … [Read more…]

Workplace Violence Can Happen Anytime Anywhere

There is a sustained, and increasing, occurrence of violence in all aspects of life in America in the 21st Century. Unfortunately this is not a new trend but one that has been plaguing workers for far too long. We are witnessing on a near daily basis another shooting at a school, church, shopping mall or … [Read more…]

2012 National Worker H&S Conference

December 6th & 7th The Maritime Institute, Baltimore, MD This conference brings together workers, activists and professionals for two days of interactive educational sessions and networking to advance the workplace health and safety movement. Last year’s conference featured some 30 different workshop topics and over 50 presenters. This year’s conference will build on that experience … [Read more…]

WisCOSH Teams Up With ATU Local 998 To Protect Bus Drivers

WisCOSH is working with leadership of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 998 in Milwaukee to try to reduce the number and severity of attacks on bus drivers and passengers that have lately seen a large increase in both the number and severity of attacks. No worker should be afraid to go to work and no worker … [Read more…]

Workplace Bullying No Laughing Matter

In response to the increase in random violent assaults (i.e. the knock out game) WisCOSH has designed a workshop to educate workers to recognize and neutralize an imminent assault. The workshop covers employers legal responsibility to eliminate all recognized hazards from the workplace which includes bullies, sexual predators and intruders. Also covered are recommendations from … [Read more…]

Hazard Identification At Work

Next in WisCOSH‘s foundational workshop series is hazard identification. While your workplace health and safety rights and responsibilities are extremely important they won’t do you much good if you cannot identify the hazards in your workplace. Every workplace has hazards. Some are minor nuisances while others may injure you, make you ill or kill you. … [Read more…]