Hazard Identification At Work

Next in WisCOSH‘s foundational workshop series is hazard identification.

While your workplace health and safety rights and responsibilities are extremely important they won’t do you much good if you cannot identify the hazards in your workplace. Every workplace has hazards. Some are minor nuisances while others may injure you, make you ill or kill you.

In this workshop participants will learn the five categories of hazards as OSHA recognizes, how they might cause hard and methods of eliminating them or minimizing their effects on workers. Participants will learn about and use a number of tools to find vital information concerning the hazards and how to protect themselves and coworkers from the hazards. Some of the tools covered include: OSHA‘s Hazard Communication Standard (HAZCOM); OSHA 300 Logs; Safety Data Sheets; a number of types of hazard mapping; workplace hazard testing and more.

This workshop is usually 2 1/2 hours long over a single day and includes time for Q&A. Alternative class length can be discussed. All participants will receive reference materials and a Certificate of Completion.

For further information or to schedule a session please contact hazardsATwiscoshDOTorg.

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