Big Rush For Teen Workers, Little Time For Health And Safety

WisCOSH has noticed a concerning trend over the last several years: creating pipelines for teen workers in their senior year to get them into technical schools quicker and out into the workforce. WisCOSH has no issue with teens working or getting more education, however, the plans put forth so far have shown little time spent educating these future workers about the health and safety hazards associated with their career. WisCOSH is looking to put together a coalition of workers, educators and students to address the issue.

For over 15 years WisCOSH was able to provide students at Milwaukee Public School‘s Riverside University High School in the Career Pathways program with information and training. Students, over the course of three years, were taught about their workplace rights, effective means of using them and how to identify the hazards in their workplace. While there were times that WisCOSH was able to do similarly for the Green School and one or two others no other MPS or, to our knowledge, Wisconsin public or private school had any similar classes.

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