Workplace Violence & Bullying Prevention: A Workshop

While WisCOSH is deeply saddened by the recent tragedy at the Miller Brewing facility in Milwaukee we are also extremely upset that given the continued and increasing incidence of workplace bullying, sexual assault and violence there remain so many major employers that are completely unprepared for such a situation.

While OSHA has yet to issue a standard for workplace bullying and violence it has issued recommendations for some industries, occupations and employers. They are not alone. WisCOSH has been providing training on the subject since 2008. We have continued to update and improve the program.

The Occupational safety and Health Act of 1970 requires all employers to protect their workers from workplace hazards that are present or have the potential to arise. This is what is known as “The General Duty Clause“, and it protects workers when there is no specific standard for a hazard. Workplace violence, bullying and sexual assault are all OSHA recognized hazards. As such WisCOSH has relied upon it’s decades of education and resources to design a customizable workshop to help workers, and employers, become and stay safe from these issues. WisCOSH has a beginner and an advanced series of workshops to help identify hazardous situations currently or potentially present in the workplace.

In Ending Workplace Bullying, Violence and Sexual Assault 101 we look at: the statistics; tools to identify the problems currently in the workplace; facial expressions & body posture; effective policies and enforcement; surveying the worksite and workers; and some basic self defense techniques for the most common/likely way a person is grabbed. The classes will consist of small and large group activities and includes reference materials as well as a Certificate of Completion. This is a 40 hour workshop designed to be 10 4-hour classes.

The Ending Workplace Bullying, Violence and Sexual Assault 201 is a more in depth look at the issue and expands the small and large group activities and self defense portions of the class. Company policies and other methods of control will be discussed in more detail. Participants will engage in additional scenarios and learn additional methods of self defense. This is a 20-hour workshop designed to be 5 4-hour classes. Participants must have taken and completed the 101 course to be eligible for this workshop.

Currently WisCOSH has no dedicated funding from a grant, foundation or donor to cover the cost and so offers the workshops as “fee for service”. The workshops each have several price points to help ensure all that are interested and need the information and training are able to get it. All versions of the workshop include reference materials, small group and individual learning experiences and a certificate of completion. Higher cost options include DVD/video of workshop including all personalized self defense training; a years membership in a local gym and more. WisCOSH is currently seeking funding to run this class. We are looking for grants and direct donations. If you are able to help please contact us.

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