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2012 National Worker H&S Conference

December 6th & 7th

The Maritime Institute, Baltimore, MD

This conference brings together workers, activists and professionals for two days of interactive educational sessions and networking to advance the workplace health and safety movement. Last year’s conference featured some 30 different workshop topics and over 50 presenters. This year’s conference will build on that experience – offering a wide selection of educational workshops facilitated by experienced professionals and large group plenary sessions with inspirational speakers. A few of the many topics featured at this year’s conference include:

  • Fighting Back Against Behavior Based [“Blame The Worker”] Safety Programs
  • Current Campaigns To Win H&S Protection For All Workers
  • How To Get Better H&S Contract Language
  • Strategic Use Of Health & Safety Issues In Organizing Workers
  • How To Use Your Workplace Rights To Demand A Safe & Healthy Job
  • And many, many more!

Whether you are a seasoned activist, union official or new to workplace health and safety issues this conference is for you! The conference will include post-election strategy sessions to carry the pro-worker agenda forward. Don’t miss this chance to get “plugged in” to the hottest health and safety activist scene in the country. It’s not just a conference – it’s a movement!

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Cecil Roberts [UMWA President] at National Worker Health and Safety Summit and Conference

“Don Blankenship Can Kiss My Ass!”

During the National Worker Safety & Health Conference and Summit lunch hour break UMWA President Cecil Roberts spoke to the workers, union leadership and OHS professionals and activists assembled about the recently released report, it’s findings concerning the Big Branch Mine explosion, and worker safety and health on the job. Mr. Roberts doesn’t mince words and laid the blame directly at Don Blankenship’s feet and the feet of the other Executive Officers and the members of the Board of Directors for Massey Energy.

I started to take video, but had not set my camera correctly and got a still shot instead. The National COSH had set up the event to be streamed live on In theory this was a great idea. However in practice Mr. Robberts is not one to be standing still for very long. Once I realized this I switched to video. I was able to get 2 short clips [1, 2] which I hope you will enjoy while waiting the release of the footage captured by the National COSH.

Workers are lucky to have such leaders in these times. But it takes more than leaders to make the changes we need. The leaders need workers to join them. To do this we need to make sure workers understand what is going on, what’s at stake and what alternatives there are.

It’s high time workers banded together and go visit the Pharoh’s in their community and demand they do the right thing!
If there is an employer that is paying wages below the living standard and only employes part time work they need to change their ways.
If there is an employer that says it’s too expensive to keep the workers from getting injured, made ill or killed on the job they need to change their ways.
If there is an employer that requires workers who are ill to come to work to keep their job and thereby put other workers, customers and vendors at risk of becoming ill they need to change their ways.

It’s time to stand up, stand together and say “NO More!