Workplace Bullying No Laughing Matter

In response to the increase in random violent assaults (i.e. the knock out game) WisCOSH has designed a workshop to educate workers to recognize and neutralize an imminent assault.

The workshop covers employers legal responsibility to eliminate all recognized hazards from the workplace which includes bullies, sexual predators and intruders. Also covered are recommendations from several U.S. federal and state agencies on workplace policies and preparedness. In order to understand the things not being verbally communicated by those around us facial expressions and body posture will be covered. Also covered are means of conducting effective workplace surveys, some basic self defense, stress reduction techniques and more!

Contact WisCOSH today to arrange a session. Also, mark your calendars and plan to join WisCOSH as we host the National COSH for the first time in 27 years this November. Joining the COSH groups from around the country will be workplace health and safety specialists and shop floor workers for three days of learning, networking and socializing. Join us for one or more days starting Wednesday, November 12 at noon through noon on Saturday, November 15.

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