WisCOSH Teams Up With ATU Local 998 To Protect Bus Drivers

WisCOSH is working with leadership of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 998 in Milwaukee to try to reduce the number and severity of attacks on bus drivers and passengers that have lately seen a large increase in both the number and severity of attacks.

No worker should be afraid to go to work and no worker should be bullied, threatened, harassed or attacked. When that worker is also responsible maintaining control of a multiple ton vehicle and for the safe transport of passengers the situation become much more dangerous and potentially deadly. When management threatens workers jobs if they leave their seat to protect themselves or passengers work truly becomes a nightmare.

Due to the special circumstances imposed by Milwaukee County Transportation Services (MCTS) on the drivers WisCOSH has designed training specifically for the drivers such that they can comply with management demands while protecting themselves and passengers. WisCOSH can do the same for you. Contact us today!

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