National COSH Conference 2018

DAY ONE: Once again it’s early December so that means that it’s time for the National COSH Conference. A time when all the COSH groups from across the country gather to discuss our activities during the year, our successes and challenges, look forward to what is looming on the OHS horizon, give direction to and … [Read more…]

WisCOSH Now Able To Provide Infectious Disease Response Training

Thanks to the continuing agreement between the National COSH and the International Chemical Workers Union Council‘s Center for Worker Health & Safety Education, in Cincinnati OH, WisCOSH has been able to once again increase the training it is able to offer. We can now train workers and employers about the necessity to have an infectious … [Read more…]

Workers Lose Life, Businesses Reap Prophits

It’s another day. Just like any other day. A worker dies on the job every 14 minutes of the day. All day. Another family loses an income. A father or mother. A son or daughter. A neighbor. A friend. Then there are the workers exposed to hazardous materials on the job and die slowly over … [Read more…]

Worker and Consumer Health and Safety to be at Increased Risk

The USDA continues to push forward with it’s proposal to “modernize poultry slaughter“. From their own headline this proposal is more about helping increase business profits with some marginal “gains” for taxpayers. Their headline blares out “$90 million over 3 years” as the benefit to taxpayers while citing “$256 million annually” for business. If my … [Read more…]

Workplace Violence Can Happen Anytime Anywhere

There is a sustained, and increasing, occurrence of violence in all aspects of life in America in the 21st Century. Unfortunately this is not a new trend but one that has been plaguing workers for far too long. We are witnessing on a near daily basis another shooting at a school, church, shopping mall or … [Read more…]

2012 National Worker H&S Conference

December 6th & 7th The Maritime Institute, Baltimore, MD This conference brings together workers, activists and professionals for two days of interactive educational sessions and networking to advance the workplace health and safety movement. Last year’s conference featured some 30 different workshop topics and over 50 presenters. This year’s conference will build on that experience … [Read more…]

Welcome To Toolbox Talks!

Welcome to the relaunching and repurposing of WisCOSH’s blog. It is our intention to facilitate communication between Wisconsin’s workers, employers, communities and State and Federal agencies about workplace safety & health issues affecting them. WisCOSH hopes to post information here on a timely basis so that you have the ability to have greater input and influence over the workplace health and safety issues you face.

To that end the WisCOSH Website has been undergoing some remodeling and updating. WisCOSH is working to ensure that it’s website is …

WisCOSH 2012 Resource Directory

When workers need help with workplace safety or health issues they can rely on WisCOSH‘s Resource Directory to help them find out who and where to go to for that help. WisCOSH packs it full of contact information [phone numbers, e-mail and website addresses] on a wide variety of workplace safety and health issues. Every … [Read more…]

Cecil Roberts [UMWA President] at National Worker Health and Safety Summit and Conference

During the National Worker Safety & Health Conference and Summit lunch hour break UMWA President Cecil Roberts spoke to the workers, union leadership and OHS professionals and actvists assembled about the recently released report, it’s findings concerning the Big Branch Mine explosion, and worker safety and health on the job. Mr. Roberts doesn’t mince words and laid the blame directly at Don Blankenship’s feet and the feet of the other Executive Officers and the members of the Board of Directors for Massey Energy.

WisCOSH Teams Up With ATU Local 998 To Protect Bus Drivers

WisCOSH is working with leadership of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 998 in Milwaukee to try to reduce the number and severity of attacks on bus drivers and passengers that have lately seen a large increase in both the number and severity of attacks. No worker should be afraid to go to work and no worker … [Read more…]

Workplace Bullying No Laughing Matter

In response to the increase in random violent assaults (i.e. the knock out game) WisCOSH has designed a workshop to educate workers to recognize and neutralize an imminent assault. The workshop covers employers legal responsibility to eliminate all recognized hazards from the workplace which includes bullies, sexual predators and intruders. Also covered are recommendations from … [Read more…]

Hazard Identification At Work

Next in WisCOSH‘s foundational workshop series is hazard identification. While your workplace health and safety rights and responsibilities are extremely important they won’t do you much good if you cannot identify the hazards in your workplace. Every workplace has hazards. Some are minor nuisances while others may injure you, make you ill or kill you. … [Read more…]

Basic Workplace Health & Safety Rights and Responsibilities

This workshop is one of WisCOSH‘s foundational trainings. All other workshops and programs WisCOSH provides assume you have already taken this class. WisCOSH also offers a version of this workshop targeted towards youth and teen workers. In this workshop we will cover employer and worker rights and responsibilities under the Occupational Health and Safety Act … [Read more…]

The War on the Worker Continues

It’s nothing new. The kid gloves came off long ago but it’s been getting more open and prevalent. Workplace safety and health standards have been on the chopping block for the past seven years. But that is nothing new either. A worker’s guaranteed right to a safe and healthy workplace has been picked at and … [Read more…]