Workers’ Memorial Day 2019

As Spring begins it’s slow awakening and renewal WisCOSH begins its plans to hold Workers’ Memorial Day events as well as Workers’ Memorial Week of Action events.

As in past years WisCOSH is preparing to host a communal meal and a commemorative ceremony. Plans are underway with the Milwaukee Area Labor Council (MALC) and the Waukesha County Labor Council (WCLC)and workers to honor those workers unable to return home at the end of their workshift or that passed prematurely due to workplace exposures. If you know of any workers that either died on the job or from workplace exposures please contact WisCOSH so we can be sure to include them. You can find a flier for Workers’ Memorial Day in Milwaukee here.

Mourn The Dead

Just a short walk from the American Postal Workers Union (APWU) hall the commemoration of those workers lost to workplace incident, exposures and illnesses will be held at Zeidler Union Square Park (located at Michigan and 4th St., Milwaukee, WI). This will be the second year holding it there since WisCOSH, MALC and WCLC worked to revitalize and renew the park and the gazebo. Updated information will be posted on the Facebook Events page which can be found here

Fight Like Hell for The Living!

WisCOSH will hold the annual fundraiser dinner at American Postal Workers Union Hall [417 N. 3rd St., Milwaukee, WI 53203]. After dining WisCOSH will take a look ahead to how workers can organize around the unsafe work and unhealthy conditions they are forced to spend their day in just to pay rent, buy food, and hope to not need their health insurance. Updated information will be posted on our Events page which can be found here

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