WisCOSH 2023 Resource Directory

WisCOSH‘s 2023 Resource Directory is now available. Printed and electronic versions are available for you to ensure you have access to this information in whatever way is most convenient at the time you need it.

What is the Resource Directory?

For many years WisCOSH has published a resource directory to put important information in the hands of workers and worker advocates to save them time and frustration when attempting to find the information. WisCOSH has always tried to time it’s release with Worker’s Memorial Day (4/28) but this last year it was not possible to do so.

What makes this Resource Directory so valuable?

In the Resource Directory you will find information you likely will not find elsewhere as well as information you would need to look in many places to find. In the 2023 Resource Directory you will find the list of names of workers killed on the job in Wisconsin during 2022. The list includes the names officially released by the State of WI‘s Workers Compensation as well as workers WisCOSH was able to identify from news reports or from family or friends of the worker. These workers were commemorated at Worker’s Memorial Day events in Milwaukee and across the state.

You’ll also find a letter from the WisCOSH Board of Directors, messages of support for safe work in healthy environments, contact information for Wisconsin’s elected officials and page after page of contact information for many organizations and agencies that can assist you if/when you find yourself in an unsafe or unhealthy situation at work.

And why would I need a hardcopy in this age of electronics?

Maybe you don’t, but as we see on a daily basis electronic information can disappear or be altered without notice. Having a hardcopy on hand as a reference means you will always have it if and when you need it. We make an electronic copy available so that should you need it and you don’t have it with you you can still access the information.

If you would like a printed copy contact our office at 3427 W. St. Paul Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53208 or call us at (414) 870-3060. If you would like an electronic copy it is available at this link.

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