Welcome To Toolbox Talks!

Welcome to the relaunching and repurposing of WisCOSH’s blog. It is our intention to facilitate communication between Wisconsin’s workers, employers, communities and State and Federal agencies about workplace safety & health issues affecting them. WisCOSH hopes to post information here on a timely basis so that you have the ability to have greater input and influence over the workplace health and safety issues you face.

To that end the WisCOSH Website has been undergoing some remodeling and updating. WisCOSH is working to ensure that it’s website is compatible with¬† modern methods of interacting with it. WisCOSH has always striven to make it’s information available regardless of the means of accessing it. There are many new technologies enabling just that. WisCOSH is asking your input on our success in doing so.

While the website has been undergoing  major recoding [from XHTML 1 to HTML5] to take advantage of the many new capabilities our current website has not been updated in a long time. Neither has this blog. Starting today WisCOSH plans to rectify that by posting short, relevant articles here that will inform and encourage participation. Lots has been happening in regards to workplace health and safety and much more is on the horizon. WisCOSH hopes to be able to include more audio and video where appropriate.

Please leave a comment on what you like or don’t like about this blog, what you’d like to see covered here and how WisCOSH can better help you come home from work at least as healthy as when you left. If you have a chance please visit our beta release of the website [available at http://www.wiscosh.org/beta] and come back and let us know how it works for you. Visit us from your desktop, laptop, tablet, Blackberry or smartphone and let us know how well it works for you.

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